HD, 93 min, Historical Drama Feature Film
The film "An Israeli Love Story" is based on the true story of the love affair between Pnina Gary (Dromi) from Nahalal and Eli Ben – Zvi the son of Rachel Yanait and Yitzhak Ben-Zvi the second president of the State of Israel

HD, 83 min, Feature Film
The film follows Gadi a young filmmaker during the premier of his debut film "The Surgery" which is a satire about a country caught in endless wars with its neighbors. As conditions worsen the musicians leave the country with the exception of the cellists. An underground resistance group rises to change the fate of the nation.

HD, 105 min, Historical Drama Feature Film / Also a 6 part T.V series
The story of “Gei Oni” is an historical epic which interweaves the story of the first wave of Jewish European migration to Palestine, at the end of the 19th century, with an unusual love story between Fania, a young Russian immigrant, and Yechiel, a native Jew.

35m"m, 92 minutes , (English, Hebrew) with Engl. subtitles
“Tied Hands” tells the story of a sensitive and complex relationship between a mother and her ailing son.
Like in Hans Christian Anderson’s legend “The Loveliest Rose in the World” where a child is looking for a rose to save his mother the queen on her death bed, so in “TIED HANDS” in a reversal of roles a mother goes out on a desperate search for a little Marijuana, to ease her son’s pain.

35m"m, 90 minutes
A story of a friendship that develops between Ben, a sensitive bookkeeper and Tamar, a down to earth married woman.
Tamar, who is intrigued by Ben's unusual personality and zany humor, wants to understand why Ben can not touch and can not be touched by anyone.

 35m"m, 88 minutes, Language: In Hebrew with English subtitles
Fifty-year-old Naomi is a woman who has everything, including a handsome husband and nice kids, but she is collapsing under the ordinariness of her successful life.

 35m"m, 90 minutes
Oded, a young Israeli architect who lives in Chicago with his wife and children is is offered a job in Israel and comes for a week to see if the offer is serious.

35 m"m, 90 minutes
Set in the early eighties in Israel, "Soldier of the Night" is a horror film.
A beautiful young woman (Iris) meets an attractive young man (Ze'ev) and spends the night with him. As their relationship develops we hear of a series of murders that take place in Israel, but strangely the police discover that all the victims are soldiers, soldiers in the Israeli Army.

35m"m, 85 minutes
Baby Love is a very good teen comedy and it is one of the best films in the lemon popsicle series. It has real drama and is much funnier than the others. The film is about Benji who falls in love with Bobby's sister while getting into sexual misadventures with his friends.

35m"m, 88 minutes
"Hide ansd Seek" is the first Israeli feature film to deal with homosexuality.
Set in British Mandate Palestine (1948), "Hide and Seek" portrays the relationship between Uri, a twelve-year-old boy, and Balaban, his teacher. While Uri's parents are away and involved in underground activities against the British occupation, there is a growing suspicion of an informer among the Jews. When Uri watches Balaban meeting and exchanging letters with an Arab, he reports Balaban as a spy.

35m"m, 90 minutes
"My Michael" is a sensitive film set in the divided city of Jerusalem of the early 1950's.
It tells the story of a tormented Hannah and her stolid, dutiful husband, Michael.

35 m"m, 90 minutes
Floch, a seventy year old man loses his son, daughter in-law and grandson, who are all killed in a car accident.
He goes into deep depression and feels that he can't leave this world without leaving an offspring, a descendant to carry on his name.
He divorces his wife Gerda who is too old to bear him a child and sets out to find a younger woman with whom he can fulfill his dream.

35 m"m, 88 minutes
Eli (Tuvia Tavi) works as a handyman at an old age home in the ancient city of Saffed. He develops an affection for Rachel (Berta Litvina), one of the residents who befriends him and treats him like a son.