"New Voice", A Co-production of the Israeli Embassy and The National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts written & directed by Dan Wolman veteran Israeli film director has been premiered at The National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts, last week, December 6th .
The movie is the result of three years cooperation between Dan Wolman and the Academy with the help of the Israeli Embassy . The film tells of Han, a Beijing opera singer and his son Liu. They are going to perform in the famous Chinese opera "Women Generals of the Yang Family". It  is a Peking classic depicting the 800-year-old story of the eight strong Chinese women who led an army to defend their kingdom, after a son, husband and brothers were killed in battle. Two weeks before opening night, Han becomes hoarse and he is in conflict whether he should perform or not. Soon Han realizes that his problem is serious. When the women of his family find out about this they rise to the occasion and fight. The all-Chinese cast is comprised of teachers and students. Wolman makes a cameo appearance. The film in Chinese has English subtitles.